A graduate of La Cambre Mode fashion school, Roxane Baines started her career creating accessories for iconic fashion brands such as Givenchy and Louis Vuitton in Paris. She then became freelance and started collaborating with several Parisian designers.


After 5 Years in Paris, she returned to Brussels to launch her own eponymous brand, R O X A N E  B A I N E S.



The brand philosophy combines sobriety and modesty with everyday elegance.

The collection embraces femininity and simplicity with a clean, minimal design

that echoes Roxane’s love of nature and her journeys to Japan.


The brand stands for high quality Ready-To-Wear, developed in Belgium, manufactured in France with Japanese fabrics.


All designs are created with simple, everyday use in mind.


Roxane Baines creates timeless pieces with pure but necessary features.

Extreme clean lines, devoid of any decorative elements, give free reign to the expression of the fabric…


In her search for the essence, Roxane Baines reaffirms her desire to create timelessness